phaseUP™ - Build Cohesive
Project Teams and Leaders

phaseUP™ is a dynamic life sciences leadership development firm that cultivates alignment in your leadership, staff and broader project team. We bring our clients unique expertise in the intricacies of drug development based on our strong foundation in both commercial and operational aspects of the clinical trials industry. We use that knowledge and expertise to cultivate and coach teams and leaders to achieve unprecedented levels of outsourcing success.


Building a foundation of trust, respect, a shared vision and commitment with your broader  team - all within a “safe,” collaborative environment -  is crucial for the success of your trial. Without this vital step you might still complete the trial – but it’s likely to be painful and expensive.


phaseUP™ coaching, training and team development spark growth in leaders and cultivate team alignment. Through expert, independent liaison and coaching phaseUP™ helps your broader team discover choice in every situation to achieve their personal, professional and organizational goals.


Our exclusive methodology elevates insights, fosters inspiration and camaraderie, and provides proven solutions and expert support.

“Our industry needs a radical shift in how we are outsourcing. We need to stop putting together teams overnight and expecting them to deliver multi-million dollar projects without first establishing a foundation for a high performing team.”

– Brenda Reese, BSN, RN,
phaseUP™ Founder and President