Brenda Reese, BSN, RN

President/Founder of phaseUP™

Brenda Reese is an award-winning life sciences executive who puts people first, always. Her expertise and passion to add value have earned her a track record for consistently and radically improving productivity, performance and results.


She founded phaseUP™ to help pharma, biotech and CROs cultivate collaborative, high performing clinical trial teams and leaders.


Brenda has 20+ years of experience in the operational and commercial aspects of the life sciences industry, and has built and led high performing teams in both the biotech and CRO markets. She has held positions in pharma and biotech at organizations including AstraZeneca and BMS, and in the CRO market for companies including Covance and PPD.


Brenda received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is a Co-Active trained leadership coach. She lives in Northern California with her three kids and their beloved dog, Copper. She is a member of Women in Bio and Women Health Care Executives. She is an active volunteer in her community.